Monday, September 22, 2014

Festivals: Cheese Days and Thai Fest

Friday night instead of going out for a fish fry, Travalon baked us some Cajun catfish at home. It was so good! I just love home-cooked meals! Travalon is an A+ husband. He always takes the garbage out on Thursdays too. After eating fish, we went swimming and watched the next installment of The Roosevelts, which is a really absorbing documentary by Ken Burns. Luxuli and Prairie Man watched it too, at their own place.

Saturday was a gorgeous day, so Travalon and I went to Cheese Days in Monroe with Rodney, which was maybe not the best idea. He is so little, and the place was so crowded, that he kept getting stepped on. Travalon had to pick him up and carry him. We had Cajun cheese curds and cheesecake on a stick, but you had to wait in line to buy tickets for beer, and then wait in the beer line, so we left and went to New Glarus. That place was also hopping. Oops, no pun intended. They have a new cranberry beer, so we tried that, and it is tart and delicious. We saw some early music people at Cheese Days, and today Handy Woman told me some other coworkers of mine were there too, and like me, they said it was just too crowded. This was the 100th anniversary, so that may be why.

Yesterday Travalon went to visit family in the Five O’s, so I got together with the Rosary Ladies. OK Cap had to volunteer at Olbrich Gardens, so we met out there and prayed the rosary. Then Luxuli, Jilly Moose, and I went to a Thai festival at the Thai pavilion, where we had Thai food and watched Thai dancing. We each got a Thai iced tea as well. If you’ve never had one of these, you should drop everything, go to a Thai restaurant, and order one immediately. They are delicious! In the evening I went to Rich’s house for dinner, and Miss Heartsong was there for the first time in a long time. She said, “I haven’t seen you since your wedding!” She was as entertaining as ever and also brought some delicious mocha macchiato liqueur for us to add to Rich’s hot cocoa made from scratch. What a wonderful way to finish up the weekend!

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