Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two Rivers and Fond du Lac

Travalon reminded me in the comments that yesterday I forgot to blog about our trip to Seymour on Saturday. Seymour is the Hamburger Capital of the World because a man named Charles Nagreen, or “Hamburger Charlie,” invented the term “hamburger” for his ground beef patties. We saw a commemorative statue of Hamburger Charlie and the grill where they made the world’s largest hamburger in 2001, then we went to a place called Frank’s for delicious cheeseburgers. Hamburger Charlie sold his burgers at county fairs, so it’s not like there’s a historic restaurant still serving them.

Sunday Travalon and I went to Mass at a modern church called St. John the Baptist in Howard, just outside of Green Bay, then we drove to a tavern from the book called the Iron Buffalo, kind of in the middle of nowhere. It had really cool d├ęcor like a hunting lodge, with lots of animal heads on the walls, and the clientele was heavily slanted towards bikers. Then we drove to Two Rivers to go to another tavern in the book, where we had some lunch. We started to hike to a dog beach at a state park just outside Two Rivers, but the mosquitoes were really bad, so we gave up and walked the paved trail between Two Rivers and Manitowoc instead. Then we headed to Fond du Lac and planned to go to the lakeside park, but dogs are not allowed there and we had Rodney with us. We ended up taking a walk near the park and watching a small train for kids go by. Travalon used to ride this train when he was a kid, and he said the really fun part was when they went through a tunnel and everyone screamed, but when we watched the train go into the tunnel, nobody screamed. We stopped in Columbus for key lime shakes and then headed to Richard Bonomo’s house for dinner. Kathbert, Luxuli, and Prairie Man were there too, and Luxuli was as quotable as ever. My favorite: “If you are a man and/or a woman…"

Tomorrow: my Labor Day adventures with Rodney!

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Travalon said...

-We really made the most of that day, its always good to have a "Plan B" such as walking along the lakeshore trail( known as the Mariner's Trail) when walking to the dog beach doesn't work out because of the heavy mosquitos. The beautiful state park outside of Two Rivers is Point Beach State Park, in the Point Beach State Forest- no association with the nuclear power plant of the same name 8 miles north of it near Kewaunee. It has sand dunes a gorgeous beach, and a lot of pine trees, with great hiking trails, similar to a Door County State Park.
-I hope the train at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac runs forever. Great childhood memories !!