Monday, September 29, 2014

Together in Sickness (and in Health)

Now that I am married, I have discovered being sick isn’t as bad when you have someone else to be sick with you. Travalon and I both have colds, so for the last few days we haven’t done much except get outside a little bit to enjoy the beautiful weather. Having an old dog helps, since Rodney does not want to go on a vigorous walk these days. We took him to Indian Lake yesterday, and he ambled along at a leisurely pace that was easy for us to match in our pathetic state. With someone else in the house, it’s not as boring being stuck at home, and we took a drive on Saturday out by Lake Wisconsin to get some fresh air. The big excitement in our lives this past week was that Ma and Pa Hat came through town on Thursday evening and again on Sunday afternoon. Thursday Travalon and I met them for dinner at the Nau-Ti-Gal, but we were both so under the weather that we probably weren’t very interesting dinner companions. Yesterday Richard Bonomo, Luxuli, and Prairie Man joined Travalon, my folks, and me at Pizzeria Uno’s, where we had a perfect seat to watch the Pack beat the Bears. Yes, the Bears still suck. Travalon and I haven’t gotten much exercise during our illness, other than walking Rodney, and today I could barely survive my lunchtime rosary walk. Meanwhile, Rich was at the health club at 5:30 this morning, so UGGH Club is going strong, even if it has a solid membership of one. Someday I will get back to working out in the mornings…

Famous Hat

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