Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thinking Man's Mickey

During my illness, I have been going back and reading old diary and prayer journal entries, and I came across something back in the era of all my YouTube videos that said I was going to create a trance song called “Thinking Man’s Mickey” with alternating chords in G major and G minor. No more information than that, and now I can’t remember what else I might have had in mind, but that title was just too fabulous to pass up, so I have to create a blog post about it. Another thing I came across in all this reading was the fact that I would say things about other people that are honest but cruel, thinking it’s not gossip if it’s true. Sadly, some of my blog posts are like that, going back a couple of years. The person who most encouraged me to indulge in this deplorable behavior is no longer a part of my life, so hopefully from now on I will be kinder. And so now I have a topic to go along with my title. Imagine this with alternating G major and minor chords playing behind it. (Presumably this is why I wanted to call it “Thinking Man’s Mickey,” because it would lull you into a trance.)

A word is a thought, an idea, an ideal,
A collection of sounds meaning something that is real.
Strung together like a necklace, each word could be a jewel,
Or taken altogether they could be very cruel.
As a collection they could tell a story that is true
Or an outright lie, or something between the two.
The highest calling for a word is to be spoken in prayer;
All words are important, whether the speaker is aware
Or not of their impact, which is why they should be used
Carefully, because they are so easily abused.
When I examine my sins, they stand out scarlet red,
And the cruelest things I’ve ever done are things that I’ve said.
My painful atonement will almost certainly be
Every horrid thing I’ve ever said repeated to me
On my Judgment Day, and if I don’t wince at my own gall,
I can never hope to attain a place within the Master’s Hall.
So I make a solemn vow never to say anything bad,
Which will last as long as nobody ever makes me mad.
No, I’m not perfect, but I’ll give it my best shot
So I can stand in God’s presence and not end up somewhere hot.

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