Monday, September 8, 2014

The Chair of Doom

Friday night the Rosary Ladies got together for pizza at Luigi’s, then we walked to Our Lady Queen of Peace while praying the rosary. We stopped at an ice cream shop, and I couldn’t decide whether or not to get any until Jilly Moose told me they had something called Snap-o-lantern, which is pumpkin with pieces of ginger snaps in it. Then I tried to get into line, but so many people kept coming into the shop that I finally gave up, and Luxuli said I wasn’t meant to get ice cream that night. She’s probably right – it’s not like I needed it.

Saturday morning Travalon and I went to get coffee before he left to watch The Wizard of OZ on the big screen with Twins Fan, and the family of four cranes who live in our neighborhood were slowly walking across the road. Travalon honked at them to hurry up, but instead they stopped and looked up at the sky, as if they thought the sound was coming from above. We couldn’t help laughing at their confusion, wondering if they thought a giant goose was flying overhead. Then Rich, Kathbert, and I picked up a trailer from U-Haul and headed to my old condo, where Travalon soon joined us, and we began moving all the furniture out. Catzookz and Twins Fan came by with bottles of water, which we welcomed after all that physical exertion. They helped us for a couple of hours and then left to see a movie, and then Prairie Man helped us unload stuff at our new condo. We had dinner at the Nau-Ti-Gal – our treat, to thank them for their help.

Yesterday after Mass Travalon and I went to brunch with Rich, both B-Boys, and Mo-Girl, who told me their daughter named a blonde figurine in their nativity set after me. How flattering! She is two. I remember when Rockstar Tailor and some other kids who are now grown thought I was the coolest person ever, and now they don’t even want to be my friends on MyFace. Sigh… So it’s fun to have a new generation of Famous Hat fans.

In the afternoon Travalon and I took Rodney the Poodle for a long walk at Pheasant Branch, then we went to Capital Brewery to try some seasonal beer: I had pumpkin and Travalon had apple. In the evening we went to an Early Music Festival party. I thought all participants were invited, but it was quite a small crowd, and someone told me it was only board members and big donors. (Many years ago I made a sizeable contribution and am now a Big Donor who gets my name prominently featured in the programs.) The party was outdoors, at a park shelter, so we dressed casually, but other people were dressed for a real soiree. Afterwards we dropped in on Rich, and while we were talking, Rodney jumped up into the Chair of Doom, a popesan chair Travalon loves to sit in. Like Daddy, like Doggy. He curled up and fell asleep (Travalon always falls asleep in the Chair of Doom too), and he wasn’t too eager to leave. It is one comfortable chair – that’s why we named it the Chair of Doom, because once you sit down in it, it’s very hard to make yourself get back up out of it. We have a popesan chair at our condo, but it doesn’t seem to have the same hold on people. Rich’s is just special. I think Tiffy gave it to him.

Famous Hat

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Travalon said...

*It was good to see Rodney jump up into the chair of doom, especially being concerned about his arthritis, he was like a king sitting in a throne in recliners at my previous condo.
*Yes I love the chair, and have sadly snoozed on parts of Super Bowl and NCAA basketball tourney games while sitting in it, oh well...
* It was a treat to see Wizard of Oz on the big screen, such a timeless classic !