Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pictures of New York

Sorry for my silence the last few days. Travalon and I have both had bad colds. Tonight we are having a quiet Saturday night at home: Travalon cooked dinner, then we prayed the rosary, and now he is watching college football while I am taking the opportunity to put some photos of our trip to Long Island on my blog, to make up for not blogging for days. First is the famous lighthouse at Montauk Point, as memorialized in my techno song of the same name.

This is the beach at Fire Island, which I thought was so beautiful with all the colorful umbrellas.

The next few photos are from Argyle Park, where my cousin's wedding was held.

This is the lighthouse on Fire Island.

 These houses make me think of the ones we saw on Grand Isle, Louisiana.

A couple of boats on Captree Island:

Here is my cousin's wedding cake. She made the adorable topper herself!

 This is Famous Hat in Times Square with Elmo and a Minion.

We saw this giant button with a needle near Times Square.

These are pictures from the train, of the beautiful Hudson River and a very polite railroad post.

I thought the Cosby Kids were in Philadelphia, but it looks like Rudy has a restaurant in Albany!

This beautiful Catholic church was right by the train station in Albany.

 And finally, back in Wisconsin, here is the promised sign from the Barn, one of the taverns featured in Bottoms Up.

I also have a very funny picture of a truck altered to say something obscene but am not sure I should post it on a family blog, so look for it on Failblog.

Famous Hat

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