Thursday, September 18, 2014

Global Family Reunion

Tonight will be very busy for me. I am meeting Light Bright for her birthday (which is actually on Sunday) and then meeting Jilly Moose and the gang for her birthday, which is today. Happy Birthday, Jilly Moose! I’ll blog about how that all goes tomorrow, so look forward to that.

This is really interesting, actually: a guy named AJ Jacobs is planning a global family reunion on June 15 next year in New York City. Though I doubt the entire human race will show up, everyone is invited. They have a website you can go to if you want to check this out, and one of the things they ask for is the names of your grandparents and great-grandparents, with their approximate dates of birth. This is one way to realize how little you know your own ancestors! Though I can name all my grandparents, the greats were another story entirely, and I only came up with three names. Ma Hat is really into genealogy, and I know she has done our family tree, so maybe she would be a better person to have do this. Apropos to this, on Public TV they mentioned a genetic test specifically for people of African descent which has 30,000 reference samples so you can identify what tribe you are from. I wonder if my 1% West African heritage (23 and Me has gotten that specific lately) would be enough for them to match me with a tribe? It’s almost getting a little creepy how much they can tell from your DNA these days…

Famous Hat

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