Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting the Jungle in Order

I apologize for my silence yesterday. I really wasn’t sulking over getting no comments on my previous blog post (but it’s not too late to comment, if you feel so inclined); I was just sick with a cold. In fact, that pretty much sums up my weekend: sick. I spent a lot of time sleeping and blowing my nose. Sunday Rich and Kathbert did come over and help me move some plants around, so now several of them are up in the loft, and there is a little more room in the Jungle. Of course, I forgot to ask Rich to bring over the Professor when he came, and he didn’t think of it either, so we still aren’t sure where that enormous plant is going to fit. Jolly Bob takes up a lot less room now that I have it propped up against the wall instead of sprawling all over. We moved the giant ponytail palm into the living room, but this morning I noticed it wasn’t getting any direct sunlight so my eternally patient husband Travalon moved it back for me. He really does have good humor about my dozens of plants! When you sit in his man cave, you get a great view of the Jungle, so that’s one good thing about them. We also moved Cashmere my bunny into the Jungle because it is getting too cold at night (already!) to leave her on the three-season porch. At first she seemed happy to be back with all her plant buddies, but now she realizes she has less room to run around, so she has been sitting in her cage, sulking. When I get some shelves to put the smaller plants on, we can move a larger scrap of carpeting into the Jungle so she has more room to play in, since she will not walk on the tile floor. At least not so far… Which is what I was counting on, because otherwise she could get at my poor, vulnerable, and in some cases quite toxic plants.

Famous Hat

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