Monday, October 26, 2015

Kathbert's Birthday and the Corn Maze

Did my 5.6 regular readers enjoy this lovely autumn weekend? Friday night Travalon and I went to Rich’s house for Kathbert’s birthday party, joining Cecil Markovitch, Prairie Man, the Single B-Boy, and my OTHER choir director. Since it was Friday, we had vegetarian pasta, but Kathbert didn’t mind, since she tends to eat a more vegetarian diet anyway. We also had Black Magic cake that Rich made and red wine and green beans that Cecil brought.

Saturday Tiffy came to visit, and she, Richard Bonomo, Travalon, and I went to the corn maze, which was the fox and the sour grapes from Aesop's Fables this year. It was cold and muddy, which meant walking was more hazardous, but then the crowds weren’t as bad, and the colors on the hills behind the maze were gorgeous. We found enough secret punches to be Maze Masters, and Travalon found two of them just by wandering down the right paths. Tiffy always says I “think like a Treinen” and can figure out where the Treinen family may have hidden their secret punches. There were ten total in the maze, but you only had to find eight (or one per section) to win valuable prizes, which were maze pens. They have an actual maze inside of them with a tiny ball you can roll around the maze. Afterwards Rich was off to a friend’s bonfire far south of town, but we decided to stay in town and joined Jilly Moose for dinner at La Taguara, a Venezuelan restaurant.

Yesterday Tiffy and I went on a five-mile hike in the Arboretum with Rich, who set a brisk pace. We did stop to take pictures in a part of the forest that was golden, so we were calling it Lothlorian. I keep wondering if Tolkien had been to Wisconsin in October when he wrote about the golden forest in Lord of the Rings. Travalon was spending some daddy-doggy time with Rodney. When I got home, he and I went on a long boat ride out into the marsh, past sunset and moonrise, and then he fished from the boat on the river, under the nearly full moon. He didn’t even get a nibble, but at least this way he can say he has fished from the boat. I keep saying that this was our final ride of the season, but lots of our neighbors still have boats on the water, like one called “Aqua-holic.” I guess we all are reluctant to bid adieu to the boating season.

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Travalon said...

I enjoyed the corn maze adventure this time much more than the first time, it seems to be growing on me. The owners of Treinen Farm may be quite wealthy due to the success of the maze, hay rides, and other weekend fall activities they offer that are fun for both kids and adults.

Travalon said...

Cecil Markovitch seems to add life to any social gathering with his non-stop charisma.