Friday, October 23, 2015

Moonlight Boat Ride

In my last blog post, I completely failed to mention the moonlight boat ride Travalon and I took on Wednesday night. We had tried to start the boat last weekend, but it had been so cold that the motor wouldn’t start at all. Travalon thought after the warm days we had earlier this week, it might start without a problem, so I suggested we try on Wednesday. It was cold and rainy when we got done with lunch, so we headed out on our road trip instead of trying the boat. By the time we got home, it was around eight, but it was a beautiful night so I said let’s try the boat. It started on the first try, and so we went down the river, but not into the marsh – it would have been too dark back there, even with a half moon shining above. There is a strange house in our neighborhood that I always speculated nobody lived in, and maybe it’s just one of those fake houses that is actually a well, because we never saw lights on in it, and there is no driveway. However, Wednesday night we could clearly see someone was watching TV in the mysterious house, so obviously someone lives there. Then we went out into the lake far enough to see the lights of downtown Madison, although we couldn’t see the Capitol Building. This may have been our last boat ride of the year, and it was a good one!

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Travalon said...

So glad we got this boat ride in, as well as the one this past Sunday where I got to fish a little. Any boat excursions in mid-late October are definitely a bonus in addition to our wonderful summer of boat rides. The motor has held up surprisingly well with the cooler nights.