Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Project LUAU: Lending Us All Ukuleles

The Madison Area Ukulele Initiative (MAUI) wants to do something for the community, and I think this is kind of cool: Project LUAU (Lending Us All Ukuleles). They are trying to raise money to buy and maintain a collection of ukuleles for people to borrow from the library. This sounds like a great way to give people exposure to this happy little instrument that is so easy to play. Maybe kids that can’t afford a violin or piano could go to the library, check out a ukulele, and learn to play some songs, and that would be their first exposure to a musical instrument. The budget includes books for learning to play the ukulele, so you could check those out too. Hopefully nobody would steal the ukuleles, but that is always the risk with books too, and the library model has worked for a very long time with those. The ukuleles would be at three branches of the library in lower income neighborhoods. If you are interested in this project, visit this webpage: Project LUAU. I hope MAUI can make this vision a reality!

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