Friday, October 2, 2015

Holy Hill

Sorry for my silence the last few days. On Wednesday we all got to leave work a little early to go see our boss’s boss on Jeopardy! He came in third out of three, but just getting on the show is huge. He won a grand, but he says California takes a lot of taxes out of it, so he imagines his check will just be for a few hundred dollars when he finally gets it. Plus he had to pay his own way out there. Afterwards Travalon and I met for dinner at Brasserie V, and then I went to choir practice for the first time in ages. I did get asked to sing soprano on some songs I only know the alto part to, so it wasn’t all stuff I’ve sung for almost two decades.

Yesterday I took the day off of work, and in the morning Travalon and I ran errands and then went on a walk along a path by the Yahara River. We saw lots of wooly bear caterpillars along the way, and they all seem to be predicting an average winter, so that’s a relief. Then Rich came with us to take Travalon’s mother to Holy Hill. If you have never been there, it is a beautiful shrine in the middle of nowhere, up on a hill so you can see it for miles as you approach. Travalon’s mom likes to go there once a year and pray for the soul of his dad, and she ran into someone she knows in the chapel. We also ran into someone we know outside the beautiful main church. We hit the gift shop as well, and I’m sure my regular readers will be shocked to learn that I added to my rosary collection. Rich climbed the bell tower, which I did years ago, and he said it was really windy up there, just as I’d remembered it. Afterwards we went to a nearby restaurant called Fox and Hounds, which had two-for-one Surf and Turf on Thursday evenings. The place was beautiful, very rustic inside, and the food was good but there was no way I could eat all of it. We got a lobster tail, a steak, tons of vegetables, soup, potatoes, and bread. I brought some home and will eat it tonight, since today my coworkers and I went to lunch today to celebrate Handy Woman’s promotion.   

Famous Hat

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