Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Miscellaneous Post

Here are a collection of random things I keep meaning to blog about:

When Jilly Moose got her new car, a chartreuse Kia Soul, we were tossing around names for it. Travalon suggested “Chartreuse Moose,” but Jilly Moose and I both heard “Chartreuse Bruce,” and we both thought that was a great name. Now the car is “Chartreuse Bruce full of Moose.”

Friday night at Kathbert’s birthday party, Cecil Markovitch brought along the festive black-and-white party hats he had previously brought to the Single B-Boy’s birthday party. We each put one on, and Rich wondered why it is traditional to wear conical hats for birthday parties, since they look like dunce caps. At some point in the evening, Cecil put two hats on so it looked like he had horns. While he wasn’t watching, Travalon took a photo of him which is hilarious, but I promised I would not post it anywhere online, so you will just have to imagine Cecil with two big black-and-white horns.

The other day I took a music test online. I tend to think of myself as somewhat musical, so imagine my surprise when the test said I am just a little above average in identifying a tune and, worse, a little below average in identifying the beat. Apparently I am just average in my musical abilities and have been able to compensate all this time because of my extensive musical training. It reminds me of whenever my OTHER choir director would transpose a piece we were working on and not tell us; I thought the rest of the choir was so much more adept than I was because they could transpose it in their heads, while I was completely thrown. After talking to my OTHER choir director, I found out what was actually going on is that most of them just sang whatever starting note he gave them, and they weren’t aware they were singing an F while looking at a G, which is what was driving me crazy. He said that means I’m more musically adept than they are, not less. Perhaps the lesson here is that online tests are wildly inaccurate, since I have gotten all kinds of IQ scores on tests available online. Some even said I was a genius, which I find highly suspect. I personally am more impressed with my musical abilities than my intellectual ones.

Famous Hat

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Travalon said...

Never meant to suggest naming her car "Chartreuse Bruce", it was definitely "Moose" but I know I mumble and some of my words don't come out quite like they sound.