Friday, October 30, 2015

Republican Debate and Lobster Boil

The boating season is officially over for Travalon and me – he took our boat out of the water on Wednesday, with the help of a friendly and knowledgeable neighbor. The boat place nearby said they would charge $25 to let him use their launch, but they ended up not charging him anything, so that was cool of them. Our boat is so small that Richard Bonomo had proposed just lifting it out of the water and carrying it off of the dock, but our dock is very long so it would have been kind of difficult. It was a lot easier to just use a boat launch.

Wednesday evening Travalon and I watched the Republican debate. He likes Rubio the best, and I have a soft spot for Christie, since he is so blunt. On the Democratic side, we both liked O’Malley the best, but that debate was a lot less entertaining. The Republican candidates noticed, too, because they made comments about how the moderators were a lot nicer to the Democrats than to them. I have to agree – the moderators this time really asked irrelevant questions about things like fantasy football. When you’re trying to pick the next leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world, what difference does his stand on fantasy football make? I personally played one season; my team name was Our Lady of Annihilation, and I beat all the guys at work, so they never asked me to play again. This was years ago, in the private sector. I mostly work with women and a gay guy now, and none of them has ever shown the least bit of interest in fantasy football.

Last night Travalon and I went to Mariner’s Inn for their lobster boil. It is a very fun but messy proposition: they give you a whole boiled lobster, a shell cracker, and a bib, and you have to do all the work. Tiffy always said she likes to eat lobster and crab because you feel like you earned your dinner. They sat us at long tables, so we ended up chatting with the congenial people on either side of us. Lobster is so delicious, and it looks like a giant bug, so you would think maybe small bugs would also be delicious. However, the three times I accidentally ate bugs (once in sprouts, once at Rich’s house, and once in some flax seed powder from Rich’s house), they really tasted quite terrible, and I wondered what was going on until realizing there were bugs in what I was eating. Tiffy once had deep-fried maggots in Mexico, and she said they were tasty, “but then anything deep-fried tastes good,” she allowed. I am not sure even deep frying could have made the bugs I ingested taste good.

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Travalon said...

Rubio is definitely my man. He has good Conservative ideas, (not too far to the right) but he also has a soft spot for the poor, because he grew up that way as the son of Cuban immigrants- a bartender and maid. He kept his poise and class throughout verbal attacks by Jeb Bush during the debate.

Loved the lobster boil- reminded me of being in Maine. It was pretty much our last summer-like activity.