Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Summer Is Really Over

It’s so hard to say goodbye to summer, but today Travalon noted that “Midnight Splash,” the huge houseboat docked at a marina near our house, is out of the water. It does not have as original a name as some of the boats in our neighborhood – my personal favorites are “Wine Down” and “Just Add Water” – but it was the most impressive boat after the Betty Lou Cruise yachts. It has two levels and even a slide from the top level into the water. It’s just a matter of time before we have to take little “Megan Jaye” out of the water, but at least she is a small boat and can hang out in our garage all winter, so we don’t have to pay for winter storage. Of course, this means both Noelle my Honda Civic and Travalon’s Lexus Pasquinel (named after the character from Centennial) have to stay outside all winter. Oh well, at least that way it’s fair, if we both have to leave our vehicles outside in the cold and snow.

Famous Hat

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