Thursday, October 22, 2015

Single B-Boy's Birthday Party and Two Lakes (Crystal and Devil's)

Sorry for my silence the last few days. Tuesday evening I was very busy because right after Irish class I had to run to the Old Fashioned to reserve a table for the Single B-Boy’s birthday party. (His birthday was actually yesterday, and so was Kathbert’s.) The place was so crowded that I couldn’t even sit at the bar, so I ended up waiting outside at a nearby bus stop. At least it was a lovely evening. Travalon arrived soon after me, so we hung around outside together until Cecil Markovitch and the B-Boy arrived, then we all went into the Old Fashioned and tried to stay out of the waiters’ way until Richard Bonomo and Prairie Man arrived, and just then our table was finally ready. Cecil brought birthday hats in festive black and white and those things you blow on that unfold like a frog’s tongue, but these didn’t make any noise. Isn’t that half the fun?? The table next to us was also celebrating a birthday, so Cecil gave them some hats too. Anyway, that’s why I didn’t blog on Tuesday.

Yesterday I took the afternoon off of work and went with Travalon to Banzo, a Mideastern restaurant not far from our house. It was very cute inside, and the food was delicious. Then we drove around Crystal Lake in Lodi, and I was curious about the campground on a peninsula in the lake, so we drove into it and discovered a charming little tavern with friendly people in it. One regular gave us a bit of a tour, then we hit the road and drove to Devil’s Lake. The road into the park made us feel like we were driving through Tolkein’s mythical forest Lothlorian, being under all those golden trees slowly raining golden leaves down on us. The park is always beautiful, but in October it is especially lovely, with the billion-year-old purplish Baraboo quartzite contrasting so gorgeously with the golden and vermillion leaves on the trees and the deep blue water of the lake. We took Rodney for a walk along the low path, and although I said to Travalon that I wanted to hike up in the bluffs, afterwards I was quite tired so it’s probably best we didn’t actually do that. On the way home we took the Merrimac Ferry and got quite a lovely view of the sunset. I took lots of photos, which I will try to post soon. We ended the evening sharing a pizza at a little pizzeria near our house… and that is why I didn’t blog yesterday.

Famous Hat

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Travalon said...

Crystal Lake is a unique little gem, its' only a half hours drive from where we live, but feels like being up in northern WI, over 100 miles away. We plan to spend time there next summer- fishing, swimming, boating and camping. The road on its south shore is very unique because its right up against the water, with no trees blocking the view of the lake. The lake is also surrounded by the majestic Baraboo Hills.