Sunday, May 9, 2010

Famous Hat: Still Bloggin'

Maybe all 5.6 of my faithful readers are wondering where I have been - did Mensa operatives assassinate me because of dissing them several posts ago? No worries - they aren't *smart* enough to catch me; they may have Mensa smarts, but I got street smarts. I'm always two steps ahead of their egghead @$$es. Just kidding: so far as I know, I am not on any Mensa hit list... yet. I will reveal what I have been up to in a series of posts. Here is the first one.

On Saturday Hardingfele, Rockstar Tailor, and I went to a plant sale, and Tailor found a "mystery" plant being sold for $1. The pot it was in said "money tree," and Tailor figured I could use a money tree - I mean, who couldn't, right? We also got some coffee (well, Tailor had juice) and Tailor and I worked on making a hip hop ad for adopting cats from the Humane Society. We went to a local health food store and bought enchiladas and tamales for lunch, all vegetarian... but not, as it turns out. Because when I unrolled my tamale, there was an earwig in the corn husk. Yuck! Of course, I had bought the enchiladas so Hardingfele is the one who will get the tamale refund, even though I was the one who had the bad one.

This episode inspired Rockstar Tailor to compose part of a hip hop song on the spot:

"Eat what you get and don't throw a fit,
Even if there's a bug in it!"

So look for this song to appear on this blog at some point, along with a photo of the infamous earwig. (Whenever Hardingfele gets around to sending it to me, right Hardingfele? RIGHT??)

Since Hardingfele's color printer was out of magenta ink, we were singing, "Yes, we have no magenta!" Then Tailor played some kiddie music program she has, so we tried singing her bug song as a salsa song and a jazz song and a funk song. After that Tailor went to visit a friend, and Hardingfele and I walked to a round stone wall built around a spring during the Depression by the Public Works project.

That was Saturday during the day. For my exciting Saturday night, you will have to read tomorrow's post.

Famous Hat

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