Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Purely Hypothetical Scenario

This is a purely hypothetical scenario: say there were two dames working in an office, and one was the department secretary but the other had a higher level job. Now say the secretary left and was replaced by someone really smart, who did a much better job, so she was asked to do more. Now say this dame got sick of the place, but because she had been doing more, they reclassified her job so that the next person was at a higher level. But, hypothetically, if the new dame were not as smart as the dame she replaced, she would be making more money for doing less.

(Remember, this is all purely hypothetical. I’m not saying it has anything to do with Toque McToque and Light Bright.)

Okay, now imagine the new dame is confused by her pay stub and asks her office mate to explain it to her. Remember, this office mate has a higher level job, but to her shock she finds the new dame is not only making A LOT more than the previous dame, she is making more than the office mate! At a lower grade level job? This does not seem very fair, especially if the office mate had hypothetically been in the system for years and she had hypothetically been working previously as, say, a barista.

Of course, even hypothetical worlds can, in theory, have karma, so hypothetically the new dame might end up not getting that big fat paycheck because she could possibly do something like staple her time sheet to a reimbursement form she is preparing for someone else, and so instead of going to Payroll, it would go to Accounting. In theory she might not even notice this until Accounting calls to ask why she sent them her time sheet. Just sayin’ it could happen, not that it necessarily did. Or that the previous dame practically wet her pants laughing when she heard about it theoretically happening.

Famous Hat (in theory)

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Richard Bonomo said...

I am sorry. This is not a believable fiction. Ahem.