Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Excuses for Not Blogging

Last night I went home and cleaned, and as I was on my hands and knees, Charlie my boy bunny followed me around, kissing my feet. Cashmere my girl bunny watched curiously as I sorted through the mail that had accumulated for the past couple of weeks, and Sylvia the hedgehog always seemed to be wherever I needed to be. If I was cleaning in the kitchen, then she was in her towel igloo in the kitchen, hissing at me. If I was in the living room, then she was in her wooden castle in the living room, hissing at me.

Why has my mail accumulated so much? Same reason I haven't been blogging regularly, I guess. Spring fever! I just don't seem to be home much anymore. Friday night Anna Banana II and I had huckleberry cosmos (there's a girlie drink for you!), then we went to a Baroque music concert where one of the violinists looked like an aerobics instructor and another one looked like a silent movie star. Then on Sunday I went on a hike with a fellow choir member, and we saw springs burbling out of the sand, and a blue bird poking its head out of a nesting box, and a yellow crop duster flying around. It looked just like the planes that spray for moths about this time every year, so I wasn't entirely surprised when the moth planes did wake me up on Monday morning at 5:00 am. It always sounds as if we are under attack as they fly overhead - ZAAAOOOOOOM!!!! - and every year people call 911 to say we're being bombed. Of course, they also called 911 when that meteor exploded overhead a month ago. Did these people never have to learn about 911 in school? I clearly remember Sister Mary Pat drilling us about 911: "Should you call it if you stub your toe? What if your little brother isn't breathing?" Seriously, a good old-fashioned parochial school education might have done wonders for these folks.

So that is why I have been remiss in blogging lately. It's all clear now, right?

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