Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oops! Too Many Pets! How'd THAT Happen??

Since I still haven't downloaded the photos from my cousin's wedding, and since Hardingfele really wanted me to blog about this, "My Cousin's Wedding: Part Two" will just have to wait. This is apparently something Hardingfele found on Craig's list. She says:

Not sure what is more pathetic, the fact that she is rehoming by the weekend or the fact that this woman is functionally illiterate. I mean what is a purebread cat, wheat or white?

And here is the text of the ad:

2 year old persian cat

150$ must find home by the weekend she is so sweet but the land loard says she must go i have 3 cats and can only have 2 her name is bea she is a purebread. and the is not a big rehoming fee.

I don't know about you, but I am not sure I believe this is a purebred Persian. (Or a purebread, for that matter.) Her fur doesn't seem quite long enough, and there isn't a good shot of her face to determine if she has the classic flat face of a real Persian cat. Anyway, it does seem that if you are going to ask someone to pay you $150 to do you the favor of taking your cat off your hands post-haste, the least you could do is use some correct grammar and remember to turn your spellcheck on. Remember, "the" is not a big rehoming fee, though I'm not sure anyone ever said it was. One hundred fifty smackaroos, on the other hand, that ain't chump change. And how did this person end up owning three cats if she knew the rules indicated she could only have two? One can only suppose her math skills are as keen as her spelling skills.

Famous Hat


Hardingfele and Plysj said...

This person is now rehoming a litterbox for $80 bucks in addition to the cat. Who knew that cat crap was worth something :-)

Famous Hat said...

Do you get a discount on the litterbox if it is cleaned first?

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