Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pineapple Easter Island Head

My blogging for the next few days may be sporadic, since I will be out of town for my cousin's wedding. This is the same cousin who, when I was in college, asked if she could be the flower girl in my wedding. I told her, "Honey, by the time I find someone, you could probably be a bridesmaid. Who knows? Maybe you will even be married first!" And how prophetic those words have turned out to be! So I am heading to the rehearsal dinner tonight, the wedding tomorrow, and then hanging out with Tiffy on Saturday. (My choir director begged and pleaded for me to return by Sunday, since it is Pentecost, so I guess I will. You would think I was the only alto in the choir... and I'm really a first soprano!)

Thanks to Banjo Player, who took a picture of my pineapple Easter Island head with her cell phone. Unfortunately, I did not think to take any "before" pictures of the pineapple qua palm tree, but this is much cuter anyway. I did take some pictures after coming home, when the nose and mouth had fallen off but the eyes were still in place, and it is still very cute so I will post those at some point. This morning I finished off Easter Island Head and his little strawberry and grape friends in a yummy smoothie, at least the fourth one I got out of them. (Lots of people brought fruit to the potluck party, so I had plenty of leftovers.)

Famous Hat

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