Monday, May 3, 2010

Sentimental Spring Poem

This morning A-Joz sent me a slide show of Ireland with beautiful scenery and some incredibly glurgy blessing recited by an actress who shall remain nameless. I told A-Joz, "I kept waiting for the punchline," and she said she agreed. It did inspire me to write an overly sentimental poem about an actual incident that happened today.

Little bird outside my window,
Gazing in at me, my new little friend.
What a special moment,

I hope it will not end
As you hover like a hummingbird,
Brightening my day.
Oh, please don’t fly away!
What a lovely day in spring,
And I wish I were outside too,
Smelling the flowers
And walking through the dew.
Here you are, so free,
But looking in at me –
Is it with sympathy?
On this lovely morn in May,
What have you come to say?
Are you an angel sent by God
To bring me joy today?
Or are you – oh, never mind,
I guess you just wanted to eat that spider.

Famous Hat

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