Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding: Part Two

So here Richard Bonomo and I sit outside a bookstore/cafe with free Wi-Fi, since we got here two minutes too late to get inside. (Rich really wanted some hot cocoa.) He just finished fixing my washing machine, which is currently doing a load of laundry, and I took him out to dinner to thank him, and then we were going to stop by the cafe, but unfortunately it had just closed. Fortunately it is a beautiful late May night, so we can just sit out here using the Wi-Fi.

Here is a picture of me doing my civic Illinois duty by picking up a piece of trash while wearing my "Service Day" T-shirt (and holding the dressy duds I changed into for the wedding). Tiffy kindly took this picture of me volunteerin.'

Five, Six, Pick Up Sticks (in Illinois)

This is a picture of the petals one of the flower girls "scattered." As you can see, she wasn't completely sure of the concept, so she just dumped them all in one place and then proudly told her mother, "All gone!"

"Happy Wedding" Pink Flamingo

Cake #1
Cake #2
(Please don't submit these to Cake Wrecks! They are homemade!)

Romantic montage assembled by Tiffy

Not choklad? That's funny, it tasted like it!

This was a Danish chocolate nut bar from the picnic the next day. The groom is from Denmark, so his family brought some Danish treats for us to enjoy.

Famous Hat

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