Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Romantic Poem

Spring is such a romantic time of year, and I enjoyed posting my poem yesterday so much that I decided to post a love poem today. OK, really I couldn't think of anything else to say. But that doesn't make it any less romantic!

In consideration of the fact
That two of your twenty uncles
Dress in day-glo black
And like to play Bloody Knuckles,
And your father always cheats at Twister,
And your brother never drinks vermouth or
Tonic, and your little sister
Looks just like Martin Luther,
And your mother was my favorite dentist
Till she sold me a defective toothbrush,
And your great-aunt’s chimney vent is
The home of a very loud wood thrush,
And your nieces number in the dozens,
And your Pekinese is a Libra,
And the wife of your second cousin
Rides around on the back of a zebra,
And your grandmother plays the bagpipes
And your grandpa has a purple beard
(And yet I always hear you gripe
About how my family’s weird),
I must tell you with great sorrow
I can’t marry you today.
Come back and ask again tomorrow,
And then see what I say!

Famous Hat

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